Hall of Fame

Here you will find an overview of all the people we drove around so far, as well as some more interesting facts about each of them - a small batch, revealing their nationality, MVP category and number of awards.

To help you find your favoure MVP easier, we have classified them according to the technical categories Microsoft MVPs are awarded in. You can still click on their names, find out even more and get redirected to each fascinating video.



  • Raphael Köllner

    Raphael Köllner

    Exciting ride on the last warm summer day in Zurich with Raphael. It is the first ride since the COVID-19…

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  • Stefan Roth

    Stefan Roth

    Meet Stefan, a proud Swiss Cloud and Datacenter MVP. Learn how Stefan started his career, why did he switch from…

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  • Tony Redmond

    Tony Redmond

    On this ride Drago and Tony were on the way to the Airport early in the morning. The main Topic…

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  • Stoyan Chalakov

    Stoyan Chalakov

    First day, First Ride. Drago made his first interview with Stoyan. They spoke about how Stoyan became an MVP and…

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  • Jason Wynn

    Jason Wynn

    Jay and Drago had a CO2 neutral ride at the Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando. Jay, originally from Texas is…

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  • Steve Goodman

    Steve Goodman

    Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando, this special Ride is different then we normally are used to do. I did not…

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