Ride with Stoyan

First day, First Ride. Drago made his first interview with Stoyan. They spoke about how Stoyan became an MVP and why it is good to check time by time the mails even if you are in a shopping center. Stoyan also spoke about his first speeches and now it is today to speak in front…
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First Ride

After the first welcome video from Drago and Stoyan, Drago made a first ride by itself. He explains in this first ride again, what is waiting for the visitors of the MVP Taxi, about why they are making this project and that you can have a first "look and feel" about the Project format of…
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Welcome to MVP Taxi

Hello and welcome to the MVP Taxi website. In our first video Drago and Stoyan introduce you to the new project MVP Taxi. This first video was not recorded in a “taxi”. But we are happy to show you what you can expect in the future on this new portal. We wish you a lot…
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